Partners and Affiliates


Blowout Cards

Blowout Cards was founded in 1999 and through its online presence, has become a leading online retailer for sports and other trading cards, boasting one of the most extensive inventory of boxes in stock and running an industry-leading forum (

LJ's Card Shop

LJ’s Card Shop was founded in May 2019 and was just another prong of an overall collector, seller and investor strategy. LJ’s holds several rare and valuable assets, many of which have never seen the open market. Some of these assets have been shared with their over 3,500 Instagram followers while others remain completely private. LJ’s Card Shop was founded as a retail outlet for excess inventory and has since branched out including LJ’s Investments,  founded in 2020 to create private equity investment vehicles and the launch of a podcast/web episode called Case Breakin’ with Rubb and Redd.


Dibbs is the first 24/7 marketplace for trading shares of sports cards. Dibbs fractionalizes a physical asset into an NFT token that can then be fractionalized while always maintaining it’s relationship to the physical asset. Dibbs looks to combine the best parts of fantasy sports and card trading.


Collectable is the leading Fractional Investing Platform dedicated solely to Sports. Through a fractionalization of assets that involves approval from the SEC, Collectable then sells shares to the general public. They have also recently created an index that tracks the performance of the assets offered on their platform based on their IPO price.

PWCC Marketplace

PWCC was founded in 1998 and has long believed that trading cards are investable assets. They are one of the largest eBay consignors for trading cards and have developed their own online marketplace as well. PWCC created the first index composed of trading cards that has been cited numerous times. PWCC has also built an above bank grade vault for the storage of assets. PWCC will provide a digital image and curation of cards held in their Vault and essentially provides a one stop shop for custodial services of high value trading cards that are necessary for institutional investment management.