About Attic Investments

Private Equity Investments in the Growing Alternative Asset Class of Trading Cards

Merging Passions

David Arons, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) grew up as a trading card collector heavily influenced by his Grandfather. David’s career has included time as an institutional asset manager, involvement on both sides of real estate private equity funds and even as a macro economics professor. David has always been fascinated by the economics of the trading card market and eventually it made sense to combine his professional experience with his interest in the Hobby.

Professional Career

David spent the majority of his career working either at Lennar Homes or companies affiliated with Lennar, including 6 years at Rialto Capital, a company that raised private equity funds for investments in various real estate platforms. David recently rejoined Lennar as a Vice President in Lennar’s National Land Finance Group. David has also previously worked as a part-time Macro-Economics Professor for the Ventura County Community College District.

Investment Potential

David has been successfully investing in trading cards for over 20 years. He often joked with his friends and family that if he had just invested his money in only Michael Jordan RC’s he would have been set for life financially. This was only a half joke to David and eventually, it just made sense to launch Attic Investments in 2019 with the intention of creating professional investment vehicles in trading cards through private equity funds.

Modern Wax Fund

In the first quarter of 2020, Attic Investments, in a partnership with Blowout Cards launched the Modern Wax Fund, believed to be the first private equity fund in trading cards.

Future Opportunities

Through partnerships with LJ’s Investments among others, Attic Investments is continuing the pursuit of putting trading cards into more traditional investment vehicles with the ultimate goal of eventually attracting institutional investment.

Our Values

Commitment to Investors

Attic Investments has a track record, made public, in successfully managing investments for investors and is itself an investor in any vehicles under management. Attic Investments is committed to treating investors with the same fiduciary duty expected by institutions, including the oversight and reporting.

Fee Structures Based on Investors Success

Attic Investment’s does not look at Management Fees as a profit center and prefers to maximize investors’ returns by setting Management Fees at the true cost to professionally manage an investment. Deriving profit solely from promote aligns the interest of Management and Investors. Attic Investments is also an investor in any vehicle further aligning interests. Attic Investments looks to stand out in the market from clearly defined and transparent fees, structured around the success of the investment

Investment Management You Can Trust

Attic Investments is proud to partner with accredited and institutional investors who wish to diversify their portfolios. Attic Investments also provides Investment Management services, including managing existing private equity funds, future private equity funds, transforming an existing collection into a private equity fund, estate planning, and creating liquidity while maintaining ownership. Contact Attic Investments today to discuss future partnership opportunities.
“Card manufacturers alone are doing roughly $1.25B+, and the secondary market is 4-8x that number. Add in distribution, licensing, marketplaces, storage, breakers, and beyond… you can easily see your way to a large and investable market.”
David Herman, Midlife Crisis Cards Founder

Interested in Alternative Asset Investments?

Attic Investments seeks to partner with investors who recognize the investment potential of the growing alternative asset class of trading cards. Contact Attic Investments to discuss current and future opportunities.